2016 UEFA Euro Championship Complete Match Schedule in IST (Indian Standard Time)

February 13, 2016

2016 UEFA Euro Championship Complete Match Schedule in IST (Indian Standard Time)

2016 UEFA Euro Championship Complete Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time (IST)
2016 UEFA Euro Championship Complete Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time (IST) is here with live results and Scores. Euro 2016 will be the fifteenth edition of UEFA Euro Championship. The champions is played every four years.  2016 UEFA European Championship will be held in France from 10th June to 10 July 2016.  There are 24 teams were participating for this biggest soccer carnival of Europe, this is the first time in Euro Cup history that 24 participants instead of 16 previously.  All the 24 teams were partitioned in to six groups with four teams in Euro Cup 2016.

France won the hosting bid for Euro Cup 2016, against Turkey and selected on 28th May 2010 as the Hostages of 2016 UEFA European Championship. France, Romania, Albania and Switzerland are in Group A. England, Russia, Wales and Slovakia are in Group B. Germany, Ukraine, Poland and Northern Ireland are in Group C. Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey and Croatia are in Group D.  Belgium, Italy, Republic of Ireland and Sweden are in Group E. And the final group, Group F is playing between Portugal, Iceland, Austria and Hungary.

The first UEFA European Championship was in 1960, won by Soviet Union, Then in 1964 won by Spain. Spain won this championship for three times. They won in 1964 and last two (2012 and 2008).

2016 UEFA Euro Championship Groups and Teams

Group AGroup BGroup C
FranceRussiaNorthern Ireland
Group DGroup EGroup F
Czech RepublicItalyHungary
SpainRepublic of IrelandIceland

The first match of European Championship 2016 is between France and Romania on 10th June 2016 and In Indian Standard Time it will be on 11th June 2016 at 12:30 am (after the mid night of 10th June). Second match between Albania and Switzerland on 11th June 2016 at 6:30pm in Indian Time. This timing is referenced from Sony ESPN web portal, The official TV broadcasters of UEFA Euro Championship2016.

There is a one hour difference is found between www.uefa.com and  www.espn.in. I am writing this schedule "2016 UEFA Euro Championship Complete Match Schedule in IST" according to ESPN web portal, They are the official TV Broadcasters.

Downloadable Schedule of UEFA Euro Championship 2016 in IST

Download Copa America Centenario Schedule in PDF Download UERO2016 Schedule in JPG Complete Schedule of Euro 2016 in IST is here to available to download as PDF and JPEG formats

2016 UEFA Euro Championship Complete Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time

No Date Time (IST) Match Score Winner
111th June12:30amFrance vs Romania2 - 1 France
211th June06:30pmAlbania vs Switzerland0 - 1Switzerland
311th June09:30pmWales vs Slovakia2 - 1Wales
412th June12:30amEngland vs Russia1 - 1Match Draw
512th June06:30pmTurkey vs Croatia0 - 1Croatia
612th June09:30pmPoland vs Northern Ireland1 - 0Poland
713th June12:30amGermany vs Ukraine2 - 0Germany
813th June06:30pmSpain vs Czech Republic1 - 0Spain
913th June09:30pmIreland vs Sweden1 - 1match draw
1014th June12:30amBelgium vs Italy0 - 2Italy
1114th June09:30pmAustria vs Hungary0 - 2Hungary
1215th June12:30amPortugal vs Iceland1 - 1match draw
1315th June06:30pmRussia vs Slovakia1 - 2Slovakia
1415th June09:30pmRomania vs Switzerland1 - 1match draw
1516th June12:30amFrance vs Albania2 - 0France
1616th June06:30pmEngland vs Wales2 - 1England
1716th June09:30pmUkraine vs Northern Ireland0 - 2Northern Ireland
1817th June12:30amGermany vs Poland0 - 0match draw
1917th June06:30pmItaly vs Sweden1 - 0Italy
2017th June09:30pmCzech Republic vs Croatia2 - 2match draw
2118th June12:30amSpain vs Turkey3 - 0Spain
2218th June06:30pmBelgium vs Republic of Ireland3 - 0Belgium
2318th June09:30pmIceland vs Hungary1 - 1match draw
2419th June12:30amPortugal vs Austria0 - 0match draw
2520th June12:30amSwitzerland vs France0 - 0match draw
2620th June12:30amRomania vs Albania0 - 1Albania
2721st June12:30amSlovakia vs England0 - 0 match draw
2821st June12:30amRussia vs Wales0 - 3Wales
2921st June09:30pmNorthern Ireland vs Germany0 - 1Germany
3021st June09:30pmUkraine vs Poland0 - 1Poland
3122nd June12:30amCroatia vs Spain2 - 1Croatia
3222nd June12:30amCzech Republic vs Turkey0 - 2Turkey
3322nd June09:30pmIceland vs Austria2 - 1Iceland
3422nd June09:30pmHungary vs Portugal3 - 3match draw
3523rd June12:30amSweden vs Belgium0 - 1Belgium
3623rd June12:30amItaly vs Republic of Ireland0 - 1Ireland

2016 UEFA Euro Championship Round of 16 Schedule in Indian Standard Time (IST)

No Date Time(IST) Match Score Winner
3725th June06:30pmSwitzerland vs Poland1- 1 (4 - 5)Poland
3825th June09:30pmWales vs Northern Ireland1 - 0Wales
3926th June12:30amCroatia vs Portugal0 - 1Portugal
4026th June06:30pmFrance vs Ireland2 - 1France
4126th June09:30pmGermany vs Slovakia3 - 0Germany
4227th June12:30amHungary vs Belgium0 - 4Belgium
4327th June09:30pmItaly vs Spain2 - 0Italy
4428th June12:30pmEngland vs Iceland1 - 2Iceland

2016 UEFA Euro Championship Quarter Final Schedule in Indian Time (IST)

No Date Time(IST) Match Score Winner
451st July12:30amPoland vs Portugal 1 - 1,  [3-5]Portugal
462nd July12:30amWales vs Belgium3 - 1Wales
473rd July12:30amGermany vs Italy1 - 1, [6 - 5]Germany
484th July12:30amFrance vs Iceland5 - 2France

2016 UEFA Euro Championship Semi Final Schedule in Indian Time (IST)

No Date Time(IST) Match Score Winner
497th July12:30amPortugal vs Wales2 - 0Portugal
508th July12:30amGermany vs France0 - 2France

2016 UEFA Euro Championship Final Match Schedule in Indian Time (IST)

No Date Time(IST) Match Score Winner
5111th July12:30amPortugal vs France 1 - 0Portugal


rinawma said...

I think the timings are one hour late...

Abdul Basheer V K said...

No dude, times are correct and accurate that shown in my post "2016 UEFA Euro Championship Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time".

According to Official portal of EURO 2016 and Wikipedia, First match Frans vs Romania will begin at 21:00 Central European Time (CET) and not in France Local Time. It will be 1:30am next day in Indian Standard Time.

Indian Standard Time is 4 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Central European Time. If you are calculated it with France Local Time, its will be one hour late, But it official portal written in CET

Thank you

Abdul Basheer V K said...

If any errors or mistakes found in the post "2016 UEFA Euro Championship Complete Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time(IST)", please let me to know the facts with valuable comments.

Unknown said...

what is (A/C/D)3 in match 38

Abdul Basheer V K said...

Two teams from each group who score more points will be selected the round of sixteen as usual. Group A winner as A1 and runner as A2. And this way, only 12 teams will selected from six groups, But game need 16 teams in second round.

And another imaginary group will written with six teams by selecting 3rd positioned team from each groups. And first four teams, who scored more points, from this imaginary group will also advance to second round.

Now (A/C/D)3 is defined as the most point scored 3rd positioned team from Group A, Group C and Group D).

This can only predict after all the group stage matches were completed.

Abdul Basheer V K said...


I had written this post "2016 UEFA Euro Championship Complete Match Schedule in IST (Indian Standard Time)" according to official web portal of Euro 2016, www.uefa.com. According to official portal first match is starting at 1:30am but when comparing with site of Sony ESPN, official Broadcasters in India, There is an one hour different in Timing. www.uefa.com showing 1:30am and ESPN showing 12:30am.

Now i am rewriting whole this schedule of 2016 UEFA Euro Championship in IST to ESPN timing, which is Live TV time in India. Sorry for the inconvenience. Official portal still showing one hour late with ESPN, i don't know how this happening.

arvindpaharia said...

haven't found the image clearer.. if you have any more clear image plz share

Unknown said...

The pdf and jpeg format doesn't give a full schedule of euro 2016.... please provide a full schedule

Blade Aurora said...

match no 35 is Sweden vs Belgium not Sweden vs Germany.

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