2019 Copa America Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time IST

February 5, 2019

2019 Copa America Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time IST

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2019 Copa America Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time IST is here with live updates.  This will be the 46th edition of Copa America. This quadrennial international men association football championship organized by CONMEBOL and it was held in Brazil. Brazil are the Title winners of Copa America 2019.
2019 Copa America Schedule2019 Copa America Point Table

There are three groups at 2019 Copa America as usual and all the groups with four teams and two teams from each group will advance. Then finally two top third placed teams will advance to Knock out stage of 2019 Copa America.

Group A: Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela and Peru are the teams in Group A and the first match will be played on 15th June 2019 between Brazil and Bolivia in Indian Standard Time (IST).

Group B: Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Qatar are in Group B at 2019 Copa America. Qatar making their debut at Copa America as Invitee to this edition of Copa America.

Group C: Uruguay, Ecuador, Japan and Chile are the teams playing in Group C at 2019 Copa America.

In Indian Standard Time, 2019 Copa America Match Schedule is started on 15th June 2019. The opening match between Brazil and Bolivia was played at 06:00am indian time and Brazil won by three goals

Group Stage : 2019 Copa America Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
115 June 201906:00amBrazil30BoliviaWon by Brazil
216 June 201912:30amVenezuela00PeruMatch Draw
316 June 201903:30amArgentina02ColombiaWon by Colombia
417 June 201912:30amParaguay22QatarMatch Draw
517 June 201903:30amUruguay40EcuadorWon by Uruguay
618 June 201904:30amJapan04Chilewon by Chile
719 June 201903:00amBolivia13Peruwon by Peru
819 June 201906:00amBrazil00VenezuelaMatch Draw
920 June 201903:00amColombia10Qatarwon by Colombia
1020 June 201906:00amArgentina11ParaguayMatch Draw
1121 June 201904:30amUruguay22JapanMatch Draw
1222 June 201904:30amEcuador12Chilewon by Chile
1323 June 201912:30amPeru05Brazilwon by Brazil
1423 June 201912:30amBolivia13Venezuelawon by Venezuela
1524 June 201912:30amQatar02Argentinawon by Argentina
1624 June 201912:30amColombia10Paraguaywon by Colombia
1725 June 201904:30amChile01Uruguaywon by Uruguay
1825 June 201904:30amEcuador11JapanMatch Draw

There are 18 Matches in first round, the Group Stage. Then Eight teams will advance to the second round, Quarter Final. After the first round all matches will be knock-out phase as usual.  2019 Copa America Final Match will be played on 28th June 2019 at 1:30am in Indian Standard Time (IST).

Two teams, who achieve more points in their group will advance to second round as usual and third positioned teams from each group consider as a group and top two of them will also advance to the second round.

Quarter Final : 2019 Copa America Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
1928 June 201906:00amBrazil00ParaguayBrazil won in PS 4-3
2029 June 201912:30amVenezuela02Argentinawon by Argentina
2129 June 201904:30amColombia00ChileChile won in PS 4-5
2230 June 201912:30amUruguay00PeruPeru won in PS 4-5

Semi Final : 2019 Copa America Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
233 July 201906:00amBrazil20Argentinawon by Brazil
244 July 201906:00amChile03Peruwon by Peru

Third Place Play-Off : 2019 Copa America Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
257 July 201912:30amArgentina21Chilewon by Argentina

Final Match : 2019 Copa America Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
268 July 201901:30amBrazil31Peruwon by Brazil

This Schedule of 2019 Copa America is written in Indian Standard Time (IST), that is GMT+5:30. Referenced from Wikipedia and Official web portal of Copa America.

Champions of Copa America 2019

Brazil Team celebrating Victory of Copa America 2019 Final

Brazil won the title of 2019 Copa America by beating Peru in Final. Final score was 3-1.

Please comment if any mistakes or errors found at this Post 2019 Copa America Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time IST.

Live Broad Casting in India

No Channels made any agreement to Broadcast 2019 Copa America Matches in live in India. Sony Network Busy with Women's world cup and ESPN Network made agreement with ICC Cricket World Cup.


Unknown said...

Date of third place playoff and final have mistakes.

Abdul Basheer V K said...

Thank You for your valuable comments,
We rewritten this article of "2019 Copa America Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time"

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Unknown said...

Can you confirm the broadcaster in India? Sony isn't doing it.

Unknown said...

which channel we can see copa america on tv

Abdul Basheer V K said...

Sorry Guys,

There is no official Brod-casters Signed in India for 2019 Copa America.

However many people from India is watching This Copa America matches through some Android App, which is popular in Gulf countries.

This Application is not available in Play Store because it is doesn't have Legal permission to Broadcast. Only you can get the link by sharing with people already have or download from any external website.

maktony said...

bein sports doing superb Job...... all kinds of Football Match around the world, they always broadcasting....IN Indian Zone the broadcaster may b too much commercial now a days...i just feel strange to c lotz of TV nEtworks here, but none of them broadcasting COPA 2019...what a Commercial era has come.........!!!!!!shit commercial netwprks r fuul here.....

Unknown said...

Any provision to live telecast in india for quarter finals semi finals and final

Abdul Basheer V K said...

Classical Semi final on 3rd July 2019. Argentina vs Brazil match will be played on 3rd July 2019 at 6:00am morning in Indian Standard Time

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